In her latest column for the Press & Journal newspaper, Bishop Anne Dyer reminds us that lockdown was a way of life for many people long before coronavirus, and asks that we do not forget them as restrictions are eased for the rest of the country.

“Age and various kinds of ill-health confined people to their homes. And of course, not just them, but also to a significant degree their carers,” writes the Bishop of Aberdeen & Orkney.

“Over the last few months we have been sharing some of their experiences. We now appreciate what it means to be confined.

“We understand what is missed when a person is not free to go out when they want. We are frustrated when the world just does not work that well for us any more.”

She continues: “It would be really good if we could carry the memory with us of our experience of not going out, and use this to make sure that those who live at home all the time have a better experience of being a part of our common life.”

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