Mothers’ Union Coffee Morning

The Mothers’ Union Coffee Morning, held Saturday, 17th August, was in aid of the Mothers’ Union ‘Summer of Hope’ raising funds for various causes:

  • bridging divided communities in South Sudan;
  • protecting domestic abuse victims in Myanmar;
  • improving the lives of women in Burundi by giving them a practical education to make life better for themselves, their families and communities;
  • supporting mothers who are in prison in south Belfast by ensuring that they and their children receive the same books to read so that they can share and discuss the books during visits and home phone calls, thus enabling them to stay connected.

These causes are really directed toward improving the lives of women, and by so doing, improving their families and communities.

Due to a small attendance, only  £160 was raised. Anyone wishing to contribute, please contact Sue Beddows. We are very grateful to those who supported us.