Dear Friends in Christ,

Do you have an ‘Overgrown Path’ in your life?

I imagine that we all do, and for various reasons. It could be a place that we love to visit, but never have the time. Could it be somewhere we are scared to go: because of an event; something that has taken place? If we were to take our courage and travel that path, could this path lead us to beauty?

God is beauty! Beauty unites all things and is the source of all things. It is the cause of harmony, of sympathy, of community. Evil cannot come from good, just as a fire cannot cool you down! So in seeking beauty: beauty in our life – we are really seeking God! So we should seek God in the journey along our Overgrown Path.

You search our hearts, you read our thoughts

You know our weakness and our faults;

May your all healing Word, O Lord,

Save us from Satan’s fierce assaults
(Audi benigne Conditor: Benedictine Daily Prayer p.1403)


In the Christian tradition Lent (which begins on the 6th March with Ash Wednesday) is a time for discovery: a time for recovering what has been lost or possibly never found… So often in life we cover up what is most important to us or what has hurt us by keeping busy with things that are a nonsense to us. Walking through Lent, in the company of Jesus, gives you and me the opportunity to explore and rediscover in the safety of the company of God’s Son!

And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan, and was guided in the wilderness by the Spirit
(Luke 4: 1)

This Lent make time for yourself: head into your own wilderness. Give yourself permission to do the things that you would love to do. Take time, to BE… Learn that you are beautiful. In discovering beauty in Yourself, you will discover the beauty in your Neighbour. Even in your Enemy! (Luke 6: 27) In this way you will find God, and the path that was so overgrown will become a fairway for you to travel upon. Let Prayer, Peace and Scripture be your map and compass. When there is no light, seek God in His Sacraments: Communion, Forgiveness, Baptism. Look out for fellow followers of the Way of beauty. Share your experiences with them. Practice ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. In this Way you will discover a new Way of life – a Resurrection! An Easter!

If you would like help or guidance why not contact me or your local church?

Praying that you find your true home in God this Lent.

Yours in Christ



Rector of St. Ninian’s, Castle Douglas & Christ Church, Dalbeattie