Sunday 23 December

The augmented Sunday School Nativity Play …

Rosie MacQuarrie introduces Professor Brian Cox (aka Katie Eddyshaw)
Prof Cox broke off from his scientific talk to tell of the supernatural events of 2000 years ago in Bethlehem … when donkey Beth, Mary and Joseph (Roz and David Stevens) and the Rapping Kings all played their parts, together with the youngsters

Later that same day there was an ecumenical Carol Service organised by Revd Alison Burnside (CofS) held in Wallets Mart when over 200 people from the town and surrounding area packed the Mart. The singing was accompanied by Castle Douglas Wind Band.

A packed auction mart
Fr Wm McFadden, Revd Christopher Ketley, Revd Alison Burnside, Revd Sally Russell and Pastor Mike Smith

Saturday, 17 November – the Winter Bazaar was held in Dalbeattie Town Hall. This was the major fund-raising event for our sister church, Christ Church in Dalbeattie. And it was a great success, having raised £1821.


The Rector blesses the event with holy water in the manner of the Orthodox Church before the doors were opened to the public

Saturday, 6 Oct – the Harvest Supper was held in the Hall and attended by members of the congregations of St Ninian’s and Christ Church, Dalbeattie, members of Christopher’s family, as well as friends from his former Charge of Holy Trinity, Elgin. The evening raised a very creditable £607, to be shared between the food banks of Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie. (Thanks to Jenny Armstrong for most of the photos)

Members of the Sanctuary Guild decorated the Church with flowers and harvest produce for the Institution and for our Harvest Thanksgiving, which took place on Sunday 7 October.

Bishop Gregor Duncan conducted the Institution of the Revd Christopher Ketley, the new Rector for St Ninian’s, Castle Douglas and Christ Church, Dalbeattie, on Wed 3 October at 12 noon in St Ninian’s, and it was a joyous occasion. The Church, which had been beautifully decorated with flowers and seasonal produce for the Institution and our forthcoming Harvest Thanksgiving, was filled with local dignitaries, clergy from across the region, and the congregations from both our churches as well as from Christopher’s former Charges of Holy Trinity, Elgin and St Margaret’s, Lossiemouth. Bishop Gregor celebrated at the Eucharist, his last service here before his retirement next week. The Service was followed by a delicious buffet lunch in the hall. (Photos taken by Revd Lee Johnston, Curate of Christ Church, Lanark, who read the Gospel)

The Revd Christopher Ketley is presented to the Bishop by the Lay Representatives (L. Mrs Edith Thorp, Christ Church) and (R. Mrs Jenny Wright, St Ninian’s)

Sunday 7 September 2018 – Presentation to Euan

As Euan MacQuarrie prepares to leave for university in Carlisle to study for a degree in Film and Television, Fred presents him with a cheque. Photo credit: Rosie MacQuarrie

Sunday 3 June 2018 – Presentation to Clem Gault

Fred Coulthard makes a presentation from St Ninian’s to Clem Gault, while Jenny Wright and Canon Barry Gilbert, our Celebrant today, observe from the sidelines. Photo credit: Jenny Armstrong

During today’s service of Family Eucharist, our Treasurer, Fred Coulthard, made a presentation to Clem Gault, who has now retired from all his official positions in the church. From the time when he first moved here in 1976 he has been involved as Vestry Secretary for many years, overseeing several vacancies, and for most of those 40+ years was our Property Convenor, with responsibility for the Church and Rectory buildings, and since it was built at the beginning of the millennium, the Gordon Memorial Hall, all duties which he has carried out with great loyalty. He was also our representative on the Galloway Regional Council and our Diocesan representative for many years. Fred thanked Clem for all his years of service and the congregation warmly applauded him.

Bishop Gregor’s Easter Message

Some of you may listen to a Radio 4 programme called Last Word. In effect it offers appreciations and assessments of interesting people who have died in the week or so before the programme is broadcast. As I write, the cast includes Stephen Hawking and Ken Dodd. But it occurs to me that it’s an odd title for a programme which makes no claim that what is said is to be understood as either authoritative or the last word about anybody.

Odd, simply because we all know that whoever claims to have the last word about anyone or anything is claiming to have very significant power over people or in human affairs generally. And we are all too aware of the destructive potential of such claims in the world as we experience it. But what if the last word need not be like that and what if we are about to celebrate the all-important Last Word, namely the divine exercise of power which raised Jesus from the dead? And what if this Last Word turns out be the very opposite of a destructive exercise of power, but is heard rather as a word of love, a word of life, a word of vindication, a word of triumph over the worst that we humans can perpetrate, because it is uttered by no human claimant to power? And if that is true, and it is our faith that it is true, then here is a Last Word which constantly constitutes our hope and our ground for trying to live what we might call Christ-shaped lives, lives that may seem to meet with little favour in a hard and unforgiving world, but lives that bear the glory of resurrection now and at the end. I suggest that at its best the liturgy of Easter celebrates this hope and strengthens us in living it out. I wish you all a blessed Easter.


On Easter Sunday, the Church was well-filled for the Festival Eucharist, celebrated by Canon Robin Whitehead


On Friday 23 March, St Ninian’s hosted a Chrism Eucharist and Lunch for the southern part of the Diocese. Bishop Gregor Duncan preached and celebrated.

Mothering Sunday – 11 March 2018 – Revd Mark Smith celebrated and he and Debbie were guests at the following lunch in the Hall, organised by Patrick Little

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